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Biogas is considered a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels because it reduces greenhouse gas emissions, lowers waste disposal costs, and provides a source of renewable energy.

Discover the power of biogas plants for colleges, institutions, and industrial canteens. Learn how these sustainable solutions not only reduce carbon footprints but also align with NAAC green audit requirements. Explore the benefits of renewable energy, waste management, and environmental sustainability. Implement eco-friendly biogas technology to efficiently convert organic waste into valuable energy. Enhance your institution’s energy efficiency, embrace green practices, and contribute to a greener future.

We cater to custom client needs. We support and audit the Design, Fabrication and Erection of Civil, FRP, and Mild steel-based Biogas Plants. 

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Benefits of Biogas

  • Positive impact on ESG through promotion of sustainable and eco-friendly practices
  • Recognition by organizations such as NAAC for promoting sustainable practices.
  • Carbon emission reduction through capturing and using methane produced by anaerobic decomposition of waste
  • Energy conservation by using biogas as an alternative renewable energy source
  • Sustainable food waste disposal, reducing environmental impact
  • Effective waste management by converting organic waste into biogas, reducing landfill volume
  • Savings on LPG expenses for households and businesses using biogas as cooking fuel
  • Carbon offsetting by replacing fossil fuels with biogas, reducing net carbon footprint
  • Recognition by organizations such as NAAC for promoting sustainable practices.

Products and services

Biogas for industrial canteen

The ORCCI Biogas plant is a sustainable solution for industrial canteens, as it converts organic waste into  cooking gas and reduces the carbon footprint. It is eco-friendly, promotes circular economy and supports environmental conservation.

Biogas for Institutions NAAC

The ORCCI biogas plant is an excellent addition for institutions looking to obtain NAAC green audit accreditation. It demonstrates the institution’s commitment to sustainability by promoting  waste management and  reducing carbon footprint .

Domestic Biogas plant

For households seeking to save on LPG expenses, the ORCCI biogas plant is an ideal solution. It offers a reliable source of cooking fuel from food waste cow dung. It promotes sustainable living and substantial savings on household expenses.

Biogas Booster Nutrient Supplement

Biogas Nutrient Supllements

ORCCI’s biogas nutrient supplement is a breakthrough product that can significantly boost biogas production by up to 50%. With its innovative formula and proven results, it offers an effective and sustainable solution for enhancing biogas yields


Orcci Biogas safety


Orcci biogas plants typically have several safety features to ensure safe and efficient operation. These may include:

  • A Control valve to control the flow of gas and prevent leaks or over-pressurization
  • A safety valve to release excess pressure and prevent buildup
  • Flame arrestors prevent the spread of flames and explosions
Orcci Biogas are 100% Safe and efficient


FRP biogas plants are known for their durability and longevity. They are made of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) material, which is resistant to corrosion and degradation from exposure to moisture, sunlight, and chemicals. FRP biogas plants have a lifespan of 20-25 years, making them a cost-effective and sustainable solution for biogas production.


Orcci Biogas Long Life
Orcci Biogas Efficiency


The efficiency of a biogas plant is a key factor in its success as a sustainable and cost-effective solution for biogas production and waste management. Orcci  A well-designed biogas plant can offer high efficiency, with a high rate of biogas production from organic waste materials, and low maintenance and operating costs.



Biogas plants are a sustainable solution for waste management and energy production. They offer several benefits to the environment, economy, and society, making them a key contributor to sustainability.

Orcci Biogas Sustainability

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