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Waste Management Strategies

An effective waste management strategy devised by Orcci team will point towards a circular economy, efficient space utilization, and a reduction in overall waste and environmental impacts.

Green Technology Consulting

Orcci recommends advanced green technologies for our clients to preserve and enrich their environmental profiles/portfolios to have a substantial and long-term impact on their corporate image.

Monitoring, and Evaluation

Orrci advises and assists in environmental issues such as air quality, environmental impact, ecology, renewable energy and sustainability, and environmental management.

About Us

Orcci, team of experts based in Chennai has 12+ Years of experience in planning and implementing integrated waste management systems and environmental solutions, that are cost-effective, preserve the environment, and conserve natural resources as a recycling and solid waste management consulting organization. We frequently assist our clients in resolving their most difficult solid waste management issues.

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Our Services

We at Orcci Consultants help you optimize your waste disposal process, lower waste management costs, and lower operating costs. Our major goal is to assist businesses of all sizes in managing their garbage and recycling in a cost-effective manner. 


We provide Green audit services for Institutions, IT Companies, and Manufacturing Factories. The Green Audit reports allow you to add an additional 22  credits in NAAC application process. This forms an essential part for Institutions. For other industries, we deliver custom reports based on their requirement. Our approach includes studying all the domains of the environment i.e Air, Waste, Soil, Noise, and Biodiversity

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Corporates / Tech Parks

For corporates and MNC we provide complete end-to-end essential office waste management systems for all kinds of Organic and wet waste. We comply with local body rules and regulations. We take health and safety seriously and comply with various statutory requirements. 

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With our expert team, we help Institutions compile the NAAC assessment criteria for waste management and sustainability. We consult to give solutions to efficiently manage waste on-premises to comply with local body rules and regulations..

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We deliver expert Centralized waste management solutions for residential communities. We have an excellent grasp of how residential organizations may be guided toward implementing appropriate residential waste management solutions. We involve with all parties involved to study and facilitate an efficient solution to manage waste.

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International Agencies

We collaborate with a variety of foreign organizations to provide information regarding India’s waste management business. We’ve taken part in a number of research projects on waste creation, the waste value chain, and waste management solutions. We also make it easier to share waste management solutions and compare best practices across ecosystems.

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We advise various state and local government organizations on the development of waste management policies, bylaws, and strategies for the comprehensive and decentralized management of municipal solid waste. With bans on single-use plastics and putting forth strict guidelines on managing other plastics, municipal solid waste and e-waste, we find solutions to responsibly manage the waste produced.

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Awareness Training

The key to ensuring effective changes implementation is raising awareness about the necessity of sustainable waste disposal management and best practices. The foundations of trash segregation, waste types, and how to reduce one’s carbon footprint are covered in our training and awareness seminars. We cater our training, awareness, and engagement activities to a wide range of audiences, from elementary school kids to senior executives in large corporations.

Waste Management Services
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Vermi Composting

We provide consulting solutions for implementing Vermi Composting at your location. We deliver necessary designs and drawings for implementations.

8 (Custom)

Automatic Composting machines

We provide consulting solutions for implementing Fully Automated Advanced Composting machines at your location. We deliver the necessary guidance and hand holding support to Procure, commissioning and operate them efficiently.

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Biogas Solution

We provide consulting solutions for implementing Biogas Solution and its economic feasibility for attaining an earlier ROI. We also provide technical guidance regarding Biogas to Procure, commissioning and operate them efficiently.

Our Team


founder & Consultant

Responsible for Waste Management,  Green Technology,  circular economy, efficient space utilization, and a reduction in overall waste.

Having a Ph.D in Biotechnology and about 7 patents. Inventor of Biochest- OWC which is an ingenious Automatic Waste Composting machine with an In-build curing system. 


Principal Consultant

Environmental Consultant with 15+ years of experience in Environmental Consultation, HSE Management and Environmental Research & Development.

Specialized in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Risk Assessment (RA) Studies, Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) Management System, HSE Auditing and Air & Odour Dispersion Modelling



Responsible for studies on Flora and Fauna, Water Quality Monitoring, Water Pollution, Aquatic weed control, Biodiversity conservation, Microbiology, Environmental Impact Assessment

He holds a Ph.D in Biotechnology -Environmental Science and over 11 years of experience in this field.


Operations Manager

Responsible for the implementation and operations of the organization and also takes care of the Marketing and Customer Relation of the company.

She holds a Postgraduate degree in Electrical and Electronics engineering. 

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